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Welcome to the new website page formerly Artemis


Home of the Amazon Archers Guild
in South Central Michigan
Amazon Nation Rise!
Tap into your Amazon ancestral memory!
Shoot like your ancient foremothers! Hone your personal will.
Step to the mark, focus your intention and release your energy toward an intended goal.

Knowledge of the bow runs deep in our blood, our cells, our ancestral memory. We owe our lives to ancestors who were skilled in archery. Many modern archaeologists believe women invented the bow as a tool for hunting small game to provide food for themselves and their children. And of course, to protect their homes and families, if need be.


The Lady of the Hunt roams the mountains of China and the mountains of the Maya. The northern European folk call Her Skadi, the Romans call Her Diana, the Greeks call Her Artemis.


Archer goddesses figure prominently in indigenous religions and folklore of cultures all over the world. Women who followed Her are known as Amazons - warriors, mothers, healers, midwives, seers, and guardians of women. Her daughters are still here.


According to the writings of the Greek historian, Herodotus, the ancient Amazons worshipped Artemis and built many temples to Her. Of course, over the centuries, Her temples have been destroyed and the names of ancient women who kept Her ways have been lost. Yet, She lives today in the heart of any woman who seeks to live fully in her own power.

2020 Dates
We will resume every second Wednesday of the month as soon as it is safe to do so!


20 miles south of Lansing, MI (near Mason)  Directions provided upon RSVP. Bring a portable chair, snacks and/or drinks to share (absolutely no alcohol, please!). All equipment is provided! Suggested donation $10 - $20 sliding (based on ability to pay) to Guardians of the Grove. 

To RSVP contact us through this website.

For womyn only.

When - Every second Wednesday (start time 6 pm – until dark) starting in April through October.

All dates are weather dependent, as our archery range is outdoors.


Falcon River taught archery at the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival for many years. She is an avid archer and is a Level II instructor with the National Association for the Development of Archery and the National Archery Association.

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Awakening our Amazon ancestral memories

one woman at a time...

To RSVP and for directions just click on the Amazon (please let us know a day or two in advance so we have time to respond, and how many to plan for). Thanks!
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