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Rituals are by donation only with no one turned away for lack of funds. 

Check back regularly for updates and/or changes to this schedule

7pm Ritual begins

Arrive 6:30 p.m. to start at 7pm (No late comers)

We will finish approximately 8:30pm.

Bring a healthy snack or drink to share. No alcohol please.

To allow participation for women with allergies, no perfume or other scented oils please!

Please RSVP at least a couple days in  advance so we have time to respond and give you additional information and/or directions.
For serious seekers please. 

Sunday, January 20th - Full Moon

Sun in Aquarius, Full Moon in Leo. Full Moon moment is 12:17 am EST on January 21st.  


We will celebrate the first full moon in the season of the waxing solar cycle dedicated to the Celtic goddess Bridget, Goddess of poetry, inspiration, healing, and the forge. Think about what spiritual dedication means to you, and what you are inspired to forge within yourself this year. We will set our intentions alight! Bring a white candle in a holder. 


Wednesday, March 6th - New Moon

New Moon in Pisces. New Moon moment is 11:05 am EST

Together, we will prepare ourselves for Spring Equinox and the return of the Maiden goddess.  At this New Moon we will charge and bless seeds to manifest our desires, coming to fruition across the Wheel by Fall Equinox, and create a "need stang" for manifestation. We will provide all materials, so please email RSVP to a couple of days in advance so we can have supplies for everyone, and give direction to newcomers.

Friday, April 19th - Full Moon

Full Moon in Libra. Full Moon moment is 7:12 am EST


Together, we will prepare for the holiday of May Eve, where the Maiden transitions into her blooming with the arrival of Her first bloods. Our ritual will include a self blessing ritual and much more. Bring a mirror with a handle. Please RSVP a day or two in advance so we can have some idea how many to expect.

Saturday, May 18th - Full Moon and Lunar Beltane


Full Moon in Scorpio. Full Moon moment 5:11pm EST


We gather to celebrate our capacity to fully embrace our female creative power as biophillic (love of life) beings. Bring your voices, percussion toys, and your desire for pleasure as a path to healing from patriarchy. The May Queen is Waiting. Please RSVP a day or two in advance so we can have some idea how many to expect. 

Tuesday, July 16th - Full Moon

Full Moon in Capricorn. Full Moon moment 5:38 pm EST. Partial lunar eclipse.

We gather to in the fullness of summer to take stock of how our new year's planting has manifested thus far, and consider what more needs to be done, pruned back, or removed to arrive at full harvest. Bring a "taste" of your fruition to share, be it a creative endeavor, an intentional change in behavior, or just come and be in the moonlight with sisters. Please RSVP a day or two in advance so we can know how many to expect.

Thursday, August 15th - Full Moon and Lunar Lammas


Full Moon in Aquarius. Full Moon moment 8:29 am EST.

We will be at OreGaia facilitating the opening and closing ceremonies, and teaching workshops. Sorry to have had to cancel. 

Satuday, September 14th - Full Moon


Full moon in Pisces. Full Moon moment 12.33 am EST.

We will celebrate the full harvest with a shared feast and ritual to take in the Harvest since New Moon in January. Bring something edible that represents your full Harvest for this year, and make it shareable. Please RSVP so we can best prepare.

Sunday, October 13th - Full Moon


Full Moon in Aries. Full Moon moment 5:08 pm EST. For details, please go to the computer version as the cell phone post isn't replicating the information.

This full moon will prepare for the end of the Old Year and use divination to guide us in what to take with us into the Cauldron of Change. Bring healthy food to share afterwards. Please RSVP in advance so we can best prepare.

Monday, November 25th - Dark Moon

On this dark moon between Hallowmas and Winter Solstice we will work political spellcraft to counter ideologies that cause harm to our Mother Earth, women, and children. Please RSVP in advance so we can best prepare. Healthy snacks to share afterwards are welcome.  

Friday Night, December 20th - Mother Night

Indigenous people from across northern Europe celebrated Mothers’ Night (Modranecht), especially sacred to Frigga and the Disir (holy ancestral Mothers). Traditionally held on the eve of the Winter Solstice, and begins the twelve night celebration of Yule. We will gather for a ritual feast to honor our Disir and the beginning of the new solar cycle.  Bring a white taper candle with a holder, and a feast offering that would please and honor all your female ancestors. Please RSVP in advance so we can best set a table place for you.
Rituals for 2020 will be posted in December
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