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Maddie was rescued with her mother from a Bureau of Land Management feed lot out west approximately three years ago by a local mustang rescue organization here in Michigan. Our horse, Eowyn was boarding there at the time, so Falcon got to know Maddie when she first came to the rescue. She was desperately ill and starving. Her gut was full of dirt because she was eating dirt to survive. She had also ingested possum feces which carry a disease that can be fatal for horses (EPM) and causes neurologic damage.


In November 2019, we made the decision to bring Eowyn home, and since Falcon had already fallen in love with Maddie, we asked the rescue if we could foster Maddie to be a companion for Eowyn. With the help of friends, we began to create a horse facility that would allow us to continue caring for the horses as we age. We've  cleared brush, put up fences, and built stalls to create a safe home for the mares. 

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EPM can cause neurological damage, the extent of which cannot be determined until the horse is asked to bear weight. Maddie  appears to be healthy and is growing, her vet is really pleased. She will have to remain on a type of Vit-E oil that helps prevent relapse for the rest of her life. So we won't know for another year or so if Maddie will be a riding horse or  simply live out her life as a loving companion.

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, with people dying or not being able to afford to keep their horses any longer, the rescue organizations are overwhelmed.  The animal rescue sanctuaries are full here in Michigan, and the plight of horses is fairly dire. We hope to be able to keep taking care of Maddie as long as we can. We believe she deserves a chance.

First day home.

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Snow Poney

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Jeri and Moon helping out

Eowyn and Maddie

 VET and CARE:

      Stall bedding costs $25/month.

      Maddie's medication costs $80 every three months.

      Maddie's farrier (hoof trimming) costs $50 every 6-8 weeks.

      Maddie's vet costs $150/twice a year, baring any other complications or needs.

She will need to have her teeth floated this winter, and this will be an extra cost that we don’t know yet.

      Wormer costs approx. $60/year.

      A gallon of fly spray costs approx. $50/year



Being in our late 60s, we realize that we really needed to set up our facility so we could manage the workload as we age, and also provide a safe and secure home for the horses. Perhaps the most strenuous part of taking care of horses is managing the manure. What goes in seems to multiply on the inside and come out the other end in double volume. We would like to purchase a small frontend loader bucket to attach to our large riding mower. Having a loader will make manure management so much easier than what we’ve been attempting to do with just a rake and cart.

The cost for a loader is approximately $2,000.

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With the help of a generous donation from Linked Up For Animals  (please contact us for their information), and other beloved family and friends to get started, we have been able to create a wonderful workable space and are well stocked now with a winter’s worth of hay.


And now we have come to the end of our funds and are asking for your financial support for Maddie’s ongoing expenses.

Here are the details:


FOOD: It costs approximately $5/day to feed Maddie

      At current cost, Maddie’s grain is $52.50/month.

      At current cost, Maddie’s hay is $90/month. – we are well set for hay this winter due to the  generosity of our  donors.  

HOW YOU CAN HELP with your tax-deductible donation

Any amount you are able to donate, whether one time, or in a re-occurring manner, will enable us to continue to care for this lovely being.

All donations are tax-deductible (as allowed by law), and go into a separate “Maddie’s Fund,” under our non-profit and tax-exempt organization, Guardians of the Grove/Temple of Diana, Inc.

As a donor, you will receive a letter that you can use for  charitable tax purposes before the end of the calendar year.


We are dedicated to transparency, so if you would like to a record of Maddie’s Home Fund, deposits and expenses, please let us know.


THANK YOU for whatever you are able to donate!


Falcon River and Ruth Barrett

Stalls in Process

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Falcon and Maddie


"Footing" (Left) and Footing Spread (Right)

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