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with Ruth Barrett

This class will be offered again in 2024


A Dianic coven is generally a group of three to thirteen women who gather to practice magick and ritual together. A “coven” comes from the word “covenant” which implies a commitment to the values, privacy, and shared practices of its members. A “circle” can mean the equivalent of “coven” or may describe a group that gathers regularly but without the long-term commitment that a coven implies.


This 2-hour class is for women interested in practicing a female and goddess-centered spiritual path on a regular basis with other like-minded women. How do you begin to do this? What do you need to know before inviting others to potentially create a coven? Or if you are considering joining an existing group, what are helpful things to know about before making a commitment? This class is also informative for women already circling with a group.


We will discuss the joys of participating in a spiritual circle as well as the challenges that can arise. Bring your questions, concerns, and expectations.

TO REGISTER: The cost for the class is $25-$35 (sliding, based on ability to pay).  Registration closes November 25th, or until class is filled. Cancellations after the deadline cannot be refunded.


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