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Guardians of the Grove/Temple of Diana, Inc. presents


with Ruth Barrett


Via ZOOM (online) 

Classes are 2 hours in length

There are physical and psychological experiences and rites of passage common to all women’s lives, crossing the boundaries of age, class, culture, race, sexual orientation, and religion. While women have a great hunger for ritual to reflect the events in their lives, they often do not know how to begin. When consciously created and enacted, personal ritual can be transforming, linking the past, present, and future into a continuum that can be observed, felt, and learned from. By learning how to design ritual to mark our life passages we can “connect the dots”, to see patterns in what may have previously felt like a random series of events that have shaped our attitudes about life. Through Ruth’s unique guided process that draws personal intuitive information forward, participants will learn how to consciously make meaning by designing their own personal ritual to initiate healing, a life change or attitude, facilitate a change already in process, or name and claim a change or transformation that has already occurred.


There is no prerequisite to register for this series but some introduction to feminist Witchcraft will enhance your experience.


TO REGISTER: The total cost for the class series is $130 - $150 (sliding, based on ability to pay). The class is limited to twelve participants, please email Ruth at before registering so she can confirm your space. Once your space is confirmed, please register. Registration closes soon, or until class is filled. Cancellations after the registration deadline cannot be refunded. Having a copy of Ruth's book, Women's Rites, Women's Mysteries - Intuitive Ritual Creation (expanded 3rd edition) is highly recommended for this class. Use the PayPal button to pay or go to PayPal and use

Enjoying the Nature
Woman Alone in Forest

“Ruth is a fabulous teacher and knows more about ritual than any priestess I've ever met.”

    - Wendy Griffin, Academic Dean Emerita of Cherry Hill Seminary

“Tools for Ritual Making: a phenomenal class every woman should take! We should all have these skills to help ourselves, our families and our communities respond to patriarchal challenges and insanities. Actually … just take any class with Ruth!”

   –Ava Park, Director, Museum of Woman

A four-session class series

on non-consecutive Saturdays, March 23, 30, April 6, 20,

from 4-6pm Eastern (1-3pm Pacific)

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