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with Ruth Barrett

Create Your Personal Croning Ritual


This 5- hour workshop is offered online via Zoom:

Saturday, October 12th, 2024

To calculate other time zones use this link: 

She is changing, she is changing, her river now runs underground

Time of deepening, time of deepening,

the years of bleeding are all done. 

Inward journey, inward journey,

final secrets to be sung

Name her river “Wise Blood” in celebration.

~ Ila Suzanne, “Menopause Chant,” in Ouroborous: Seasons of Life, an oratorio composed by Kay Gardner (Ladyslipper Records, 1994).


Artist: Suzanne de Veuve

A Croning ritual is designed to mark a post-menopausal woman’s passage into her new life cycle as an elder. The word "crone" is a reclaimed word that describes a woman whose womb bloods have stopped for a minimum of a year and who has reached, in astrological terms, her second Saturn return, This is the second return of the planet Saturn to the point where it was at a woman’s birth. which is between 58-60 years of age.

This special seasonal ritual intensive workshop will take you through Ruth’s unique guided intuitive process to design, prepare for, and facilitate your own Croning ritual. The ritual you create for yourself will be enacted at a time of your choosing outside of the workshop space, and may include participation from invited supporters.  The workshop will include discussion on what it means to become (or already being) an elder.

For each woman who crosses the threshold into her elderhood, the process of making meaning is deeply personal. The Crone is the third aspect of the Goddess, associated with maturity and deepening wisdom. The culture of patriarchy devalues women who age and can no longer reproduce children. Too often women internalize messages of self-hatred and body-hatred as they age. The Dianic tradition was the first Goddess spiritual tradition in the 1970s to re-claim and honor this passage as deeply important for women’s lives. The ritual of Croning acknowledges a woman who has already entered, or who is entering into her "Third Destiny" as a woman of wisdom to be cherished and respected.​

WHO MAY PARTICIPATE: This class is limited to 10 women (you must be a biological female human) on a first-come basis, and already be 58 years or older. Ruth’s book, Women’s Rites, Women’s Mysteries: Intuitive Ritual Creation, is recommended, and available through


TO REGISTER: The total cost for the workshop is $75-$90 (sliding, based on ability to pay). Because the class space is limited to ten participants, please email Ruth before registering so she can confirm your space. Once your space is confirmed, please register. Registration closes October 3rd, or until class is filled. Cancellations after the deadline cannot be refunded. The workshop will include a short meal or snack break.


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