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Renewing the Fire of Spiritual Commitment

with Ruth Barrett and Hestia Bee


Sunday, January 21st, 2024

from 7-9pm Eastern (4-6pm Pacific)

with replay on January 28th (your registration is good for both dates

$25-$50 sliding (based on ability to pay)

In this workshop participants will learn about the sovereign Irish goddess Brigid, some traditional folkways for Her holiday on Feb 1st, and begin informed personal ritual preparations in the Dianic tradition. The holy day of Brigid takes its name from Bride, the great Celtic goddess of poetry, healing, divination, childbirth, and smithcraft, a perfect matron for this holiday upon which we mark the rebirth and renewal of the goddess. As the solar cycle begins again with the waxing light returning, Brigid inspires us to create our lives anew in this season of new beginnings. With eyes open, we choose our spiritual path to walk this year, understanding that this choice is in fact, a commitment.

For this workshop you don't have to check in advance for a space. The deadline to register is January 18th. Cancellations after the deadline cannot be refunded. The zoom link and preparation will be sent to you in advance of the workshop.

TO REGISTER:  Click on the PayPal link here or go directly to PayPal and pay at

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