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Facilitated by Ruth Barrett

This one-day workshop is offered online via Zoom:


 This workshop will be offered again next year!

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Every Spring, in the mythic cycle of the Goddess, the maiden goddess Persephone returns from the underworld to reunite with her mother, Demeter. Unlike the Greek re-telling, the pre-Hellenic, pre-patriarchal version of this classic story is free of abduction and violence.  Beginning with this myth, we will examine ways that living in a patriarchal society influences mother/daughter relationships. We'll use our insights to reweave and reinterpret our experiences. Then, with ritual taking us beyond intellectual understanding, we'll discover our amazing capacity to heal the past and release ourselves from the constraints of our social legacy. We can begin living with greater authenticity and freedom as daughters... and, for some, daughters who have in turn become mothers.


With focus on our relationship with our mothers (even if your mother is deceased), or our relationship with our own daughter(s), you will learn how to design and facilitate a personal ritual for yourself through a unique guided intuitive process. The ritual you create for yourself will be enacted at a time of your choosing outside of the workshop space. This ritual-making process teaches you how to effortlessly bring forward intuitive information to design a transformational ritual experience authentically sourced from yourself. Learning how to meet your own needs for personal rituals become beautiful, powerful, and healing experiences in self-intimacy. 

WHO MAY ATTEND: This class is limited to 10 women (you must be a biological female human) on a first-come basis. Ruth’s book, Women’s Rites, Women’s Mysteries: Intuitive Ritual Creation, is recommended.


TO REGISTER: The total cost for the class series is $75-$90 (sliding, based on ability to pay). Because the class is limited to ten participants, please email Ruth before registering so she can confirm your space. Once your space is confirmed, please register. Registration closes March 6th, or until class is filled. Cancellations after the deadline cannot be refunded.


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