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The Year is a Dancing Woman:
with Ruth Barrett

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Women were the first singers of magick, and female voices singing with intention was about magick - doing or making something happen. Join Ruth for this special seasonal workshop with chants and context for celebrating the female and goddess-centered holy days of the pagan calendar. This singing workshop focuses on chants that overlay the female life cycle with the seasonal mythic cycle of the goddess, and how women can use the energetic potential of chant for personal and group healing, rites of passage, and celebrations.


Registration is $30-$50 (sliding, based on ability to pay). Registration includes Ruth’s 2-CD set, The Year Is A Dancing Woman – Songs, Chants, and Invocations for the Wheel of the Year to be mailed to you prior to or after the workshop based on when you register. the CDs are a "perk" for participating in this workshop. (If you already have these CDs, gift them to a friend!). The registration deadline is November 7th. No refunds after November 7th or if the CDs have already been mailed to you.

There are no space limitations on participant numbers for this workshop, so you can feel free to register without contacting Ruth to save a space. 

You can register via PayPal using or by clicking the PayPal button here: 




Due to the sound quality limitations of ZOOM, you will not be able to hear other participants singing, but you will be able to hear Ruth and yourself. Feel free to have and use your own percussion toys as you wish (optional). These CDs will be mailed to you either prior to the workshop or afterwards depending on when you register. A few of the chants from this CD set may be included in the workshop in addition to others. All chant lyrics will be shown on the screen so you can sing along to learn them.


"The year is a dancing woman who is born at the coming of Spring.

The year is a dancing woman. Of her birth and death we sing." - Shekhinah Mountainwater

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