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For Personal and Group Ritual 

With Ruth Barrett

  now with additional class session!

2023 Dates coming soon!

Via ZOOM (online) 

Each class is 2 hours in length.

To calculate other time zones use this link:

Invocation is the act of inviting deities or elemental spirits into a specific time and place to witness, grant support, a request, for protection, or to praise, thank, or honor them. Now with an additional class added, this 4-session class series will address invocation for use in spellcraft, personal ritual, and seasonal group rituals. Participants will gain invaluable hands-on guidance and experiences for deeper understanding of the various purposes of invocation by learning to create, deliver, and most importantly how to energetically address the powers they invite into their circles.

WHO MAY ATTEND: This class is limited to 12 women (you must be a biological female human) on a first-come basis. Includes any hand-outs. Ruth’s book, Women’s Rites, Women’s Mysteries: Intuitive Ritual Creation (Expanded 3rd Edition), is highly recommended. Pre-requisite: Students must have had an introduction to the philosophy, cosmology, and political dimensions of Dianic feminist Witchcraft, and preferably, Feminist Witchcraft in the Dianic Tradition. Spellcraft 1 and Spellcraft 2 are recommended. If you are unsure, please email Ruth at   

TO REGISTER: The total cost for the class series is $95-$125 (sliding, based on ability to pay). Because the class is limited to twelve participants, please email Ruth before registering so she can confirm your space. Once your space is confirmed, please register. Registration closes ____, or until class is filled. Cancellations after the deadline cannot be refunded.

You can register via PayPal using or through Paypal here:  



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