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With Falcon River

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Please email Ruth at and specify which day you would like to register for. After you receive confirmation that you have a space, please register selecting the confirmed date from the two Paypal links:




$100-$125 (sliding based on ability to pay) includes materials), and shipping.


For students who would like to  participate and live outside of the USA, please contact us for special instructions. $80-$105 sliding scale.


Deadline to register for either day is April 13th, (or until classes fill) – so you have plenty of time to receive your materials and prepare the branch. Refunds cannot be returned after the registration deadline.

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MAY 27th


This workshop is being offered on two separate dates, and limited to 10 participants:

Saturday, May 20th

from 11am – 3:30pm EDT

(8am – 12:30pm PDT)

Five spaces still available


Saturday, May 27th

from 2pm - -6:30pm EDT

(11am – 3:30pm PDT)

This class is full

Prerequisite:  Feminist Witchcraft in the Dianic Tradition class series with Ruth Barrett

In our Dianic tradition, the wand is a tool of Air. The Dianic wand is made from a tree branch due to the association of trees with the powers of air -- trees create the very air we breathe. In this experiential workshop, you will be guided through the transformational process of creating a wand from a willow tree branch. You will create and consecrate your wand, and you begin to learn the energetic skills needed to effectively wield it in accord with your will.


Participants must be prepared to devote a significant amount of time in advance of the day of the workshop to prepare themselves, the material, and their workspace. You will be sent materials (including a willow branch personally chosen to work with you as your wand) and instructions on what you will need to gather well in advance.

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