A 6-session class series with Falcon River and Ruth Barrett

According to British occultist Dion Fortune (1890 – 1946), “Magick is the art of changing consciousness at will.”  How do you do this?


In this class series we will learn the patterns of our own individual native intelligence. We will learn how to travel the pathways for our own minds and how to move with intention from one state of consciousness to another. This material was the core foundation for our mystery school, The Spiral Door for  20 years.


The skills you learn will enrich and empower you in your day to day relationships. These same skills will enrich and empower your spiritual, ritual, and magickal practice. You will learn ways to heal your deepest wounds, and facilitate healing and empowerment for others. Practicing these skills will deepen your powers of communication, across distance and time.

Temple of Diana, Inc/Guardians of the Grove Presents

TO REGISTER: The cost of the class series is $150 - $180 (sliding, based on ability to pay.) Space is limited to 10 students, on a first-come basis, and who have met the prerequisite classes. Registration deadline is August 15, or until class is full. Refunds cannot be given after the deadline. Due to the nature of this material, it is imperative that students attend the sessions. While emergencies can happen that cause a student to miss a session, the first two sessions are foundational and must be attended in person.


Pre-requisites classes are required (at a minimum) including:

      Feminist Witchcraft in the Dianic Tradition (6-week series)

      Spellcraft 1: Spellcraft in the Dianic Tradition

      Tools for Personal Ritual Making (highly suggested, but not required)


We require these pre-requisite classes in order to give students a foundation from which to build on. Acceptance into this class will be prioritized on personal experience working with each prospective student. Please contact us by emailing us at info@guardiansofthegrove.org if you are interested in being considered.

If you have been accepted into this class, please use the Paypal button to pay for your registration:

Suggested texts: Open Mind: Discovering the Six Patterns of Natural Intelligence and How Your Child Is Smart by Dawna Markova, PhD.

Falcon has been working with this material since 1983, and worked intensively with Dr. Markova for 5 years. She teaches this information from a Dianic feminist Wiccan perspective.

This class series will be offered again in 2023