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Temple of Diana's Mission Statement
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Guardians of the Grove is a south central Michigan grove of Temple of Diana, Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit federally recognized Dianic temple. We are also a religious and educational organization that provides rituals, educational classes, and workshops to nurture the spiritual needs of female individuals through healing, empowerment, and celebration.

Celebrating 50 years of dianic tradition in Los Angeles, California


Our Principles 


Dianic tradition is based on a goddess-centered cosmology and the primacy of She who is all and whole    unto Herself.

Dianic tradition draws inspiration from the goddesses Diana and Artemis representing female       embodiment, autonomy, and sovereignty.


Dianic practices are inspired by the awareness that Goddesses have been known throughout time, by     many names, and in numerous cultures worldwide. 


Dianic seasonal rituals celebrate the mythic cycle of the Goddess within the earth's seasonal cycles of   birth, death, and regeneration, and their correspondence to the female life cycle.


Dianic tradition is a Women's Mysteries ritual tradition that celebrates female embodiment from cradle   to grave.


Dianic tradition is celebrated in exclusively female-only circles.


Power is sourced through our wombs and female embodied magic.


Dianics honor the female body as a manifestation of Goddess in all Her glorious diversity of color, size,   shape, and personal expression.


Dianic ritual and magical practices honor women's creativity, and intuitive ways of knowing.


Dianics recognize that women's magic is a sacred trust; therefore, Dianics do not teach Women's   Mysteries and our embodied magic to males.


Sexuality is sacred. When lovers meet in mutual love, trust, and equality, these expressions of love and   pleasure are a gift to, and from, the Goddess.


Sacred play is a form of spiritual practice.


The Dianic tradition is a teaching tradition.


Dianic tradition stands in accord with the Wiccan Rede, which states "An' it harm none, do what you   will." We honor free will, with the intention that our magical actions manifest for the greater good of all.

Ruth Rhiannon Barrett
Dianic High Priestess
Co-founder, Temple of Diana, Inc.
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Falcon River
Dianic Priestess of the Guardian Path
Co-founder, Temple of Diana, Inc.
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